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These are the classes that I currently have available for presenting. I have taught for  leather events such as Black Rose, TES FEST,  Floating World, Shibaricon, Leather Retreat, TNG3, Ohio LeatherFest and SPANK Festival  as well as for organizations up and down the East Coast.   If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Bootblacking 101:

A basic how to guide on the aspects of bootblacking and leather care. We will go over step by step the basics of what you will need and how to do the tradition that has been  handed down over the years. This is a hands on class and materials are provided for a fee.

Doing Boots as Only a Femme Can:

Who says doing boots must be left to the boys? Femmes like to get down and dirty doing boots too! This 201-level class will discuss the style and flair of the femme bootblack. It always comes back to knowing your tools: ranging from look, kit and style, and how to utilize what you got to give a memorable shine. This class is open to all and will have discussion and demos.

The Sex of Bootblacking & Leatherwear:

Do you know why we love playing with boots? This 301-level class takes bootblacking one step further and past the “just service” idea and making this hot play.  based in her own style Luna will demonstrate ways to make your own boot scenes hotter, developing connections between the giver and receiver and allowing the energy connection to flow while not just doing boots but also leatherwear. This is one hot class and not to be missed!

A Day of Bootblacking with Luna :

All three bootblacking classes are available for a day of 3 workshops bringing the class up through the education of bootblacking; Basic skills, Creating your own style, and forging the deeper connections we can have with doing boots and leather.  Please email me for costs and requirements on this hands on intensive opportunity.

Bootblacking Basics to Sex- Quick and Dirty :

Want to know everything there is to know about bootblacking? Luna will give you all the cliff notes. From what you’ll need, how to do it, developing your own style, and making it hot for you and the person in your chair. This class is perfect for those who have neither never attended a bottblacking class or have only been to a 101 class and would like to start touching on some of the more intricate aspects of it. A fun time to be sure!

Impact Play: Who needs toys when you have Boots and Fists (Co-teaching class with Luna and Skully)

Impact play can be some of the most intimate and intense kind of play that people engage in. It connects with deeper primal instincts, crossing taboo lines, and creates a venue for possible role play. We will be going over the options of this kind of play including safety, how different boot styles create different sensations, Kicking, punching and slapping techniques and when it’s okay to break the rules. This is an edgy class that includes some hot demos of what is involved.  You won’t be disappointed.  (NOTE: this class can be added to Bootblacking intensive if desired)

Loving Your Body Through Dance:

So many of us have body issues. To fat, not pretty enough, not graceful enough, not sexy enough…it’s time to break the cycle! Through the power of dance with a focus in bellydance fusion we will explore the movement of our own bodies and regain our own inner strength and find what makes us feel truly sexy on the inside. An excellent class for those looking to gain confidence with public expression. Also an excellent opportunity for those interested with performance aspects of rope scenes. This will be a  participation class and does require movement so please dress comfortably and bring water.  No dance experience required. This class is designed around those who identify as women but all are welcome to attend.

Being Topped by the Drum:

Be you at a Kinky, SCA or New Age Camping event you can almost always count on their being a bonfire and some drumming. You feel the drums. The beat moves you as you feel the rhythm in your limbs and soul but there is something that holds you back. Apprehension? Fear of looking bad? Don’t think you can dance like that? Luna, who has been dancing around the fire for 6 years at various types of events will discuss and teach about movement, listening to the rhythm, the connection with the drum and for those interested moving into the realm of Trance or Zar dance.  A form of healing dance that exists when the dancer and the drummer become one. This will be a  participation class and does require movement so please dress comfortably and bring water.  No dance experience required. This class is designed around those who identify as women but all are welcome to attend.

The Inner Journey of Rope: Breaking Your Own Walls:

This class will focus on the internal journey some rope bottoms face while in bondage. This travel inward can some times lead to difficulties such as facing their own self doubts or fears which can affect how long one can stay in bondage.   We will discuss how to come to terms with those fears and find ways to work with them and past them to allow the inward journey to flow longer and more positive and how to approach aftercare and self aftercare after intense rope scenes.

Scheduling: Being your Dom’s Walking PDA:

Calendars, events, reservations, booking travel, birthdays, emails that need to be answered. It’s alot of work and you are responsible for keeping it straight… for your Dom. Luna, a self-proclaimed walking PDA, will help walk you through the steps to help make these sort of tasks easier for you and go over several options (paper schedules, technology options or on the fly methods) that can cater to even the most *anal retentive Dominants. *that is said with all the love in the world.

Age Play – A Kid’s Perspective:

Sure we hear about the Mommy’s and Daddy’s, but what about the kids?! This class will explore the ins and outs, the ups and down, and the good and bad of all aspects of Age Play. This will range from the lighthearted (cartoons and sippy-cups) to the darker and more taboo aspects, from the rarely seen Kid’s point of view! All are welcome to learn (remember to raise your hand!), and know that there will be candy!

Pain – Why do we want it and how to push our own envelopes:

Whether we give or receive pain, many of us seek it out for our own pleasure. Join us inside the mind of a masochist who is ready to examine pain: why we take it, how to process it, how to face our fears and move past potential walls, and how to make our pain more pleasurable.  This class is geared towards bottoms, submissives and slaves, but all are welcome.

Road Blocks and Dead Ends- A submissives guide to issues and break ups in D/s relationships:

No relationship is ever perfect there are always bumps and potholes in the journey. This class addresses some of the larger issues; time, polyamorous relationships, love, vanilla life intrusion and separation. This class is treated as an open discussion and class participation is encouraged. Even though this class is mainly for submissives dominants are welcome but ask that protocols be lessened to allow for open conversation.

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