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About Luna

Luna has been slowly making her way south from New England to New York City to now calling Virginia home.  A creative soul who is a dancer, actress and writer she is constantly trying to think outside the box as far as how to express her heart and soul.  Branching out her ideas of art, creativity, passion and expression that she learned from living in the big city.

What makes Luna a bit more interesting is that she has been a part of the Kink/Leather/BDSM community for the last 17 years panning 4 states active as a volunteer, board member, educator, ‘cheerleader’, and organizer. A BDSM educator for 8 years Luna has taught on a variety of subjects, helped create and maintain organizations and help build events.  She sees this as a wonderful opportunity to share with people the things she loves in a fun and safe environment.

Luna’s first bootblacking lesson came from her father 18 years ago, but started training as a bootblack 7 years ago in NY thanks to NYC Bootblack Roundtable and Florida’s Dungeon 901 Bootblack Track. Her training is steeped in gay leather thanks to her mentors with a flair that is all femme and all her own. She has been a fixture of events such as Folsom Street East and has been honored to share the stand with her fellow bootblacks at events like TES FEST, Floating World, M/s Conference and GMSMAs Leatherfest. 

She currently holds no club/patch affiliations but has taken to seeing the community as her club thanks to all the people who she has met across the country through her past travels. She is currently active with NYC Fetish Tribe where she bootblacks and helps with sponsorships for the organizations larger events and has been a proud volunteer with Leather Pride Night in NYC for the last 7 years. As an educator over the last 8 years she has taught at events and for organizations on topics of bootblacking, rope bottoming, ageplay and dance for leather events to teach women confidence, sexiness and inner strength.

After taking Runner-Up in the International Ms. Bootblacking Competition in 2010 She co-created the event Femme Boot Pride weekend and created Femme Boot Pride.Org. An organization that is a resource and home for Femme Bootblacks and their supporters.  A place to come to for people who want to learn about femme  bootblacking, find mentors or teachers in the skill of bootblacking, and can learn about our past and our growing history and a place to foster pride and strength.  She is proud that 80% of all proceeds made through this organization will be going toward the Women’s Leather History Project at Leather Archives & Museum.

Her current project has been to start sharing her love of bellydancing to the leather community. Building dances that are still based in the training and traditions of her teachers, mentors and idols the creative spark is slightly darker and more deeper serving of her soul. She is also creating classes to teach women the sensual aspects of dance and using it to empower, and teach women of all sizes that they can be and are sexy.

Her passion includes: Music, Fire Dancing, Rope and Bondage, and all things that spark her imagination.

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  1. Twinhrt permalink
    August 23, 2009 11:04 pm

    Thank you for your age play class at TFW! Hope Monday goes OK I know it can not go well, but try to smile please. They again you taught my Hrlymyre that she earns a quarter!

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