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Working with a Patron (NSFW)

July 7, 2010

Back in December 09 I was looking at trying to get to Vegas for AVN weekend. Money was tight and a trip out to the other side of the country was not going to be cheap. I had been trying to figure out how best to handle trying to get the money for it. I was bantering around a couple of ideas until a friend of mine made me an interesting offer.

They would pay for a photo shoot. My boy would take the photos, they would get a disc of the pictures, I would have 3-4 images for my own use but the rest was his.  The request was more “Playboy” than anything. Stuff I was pretty comfortable with doing. We made arrangements so that the pictures would not be used on the web and that he would not try to make money off of them. It was agreed and the payment for the shoot paid for my trip to Vegas.

So fast forward to now.  Things have been tough. The Government decided to give my birthday present a week early by telling me with no notice that I was going to be getting no more unemployment and that’s to Congress there would be no extension. You know I normally would not have minded the forced over a barrel kind of sex but this was so not consensual.  After I made mention that my money was basically gone my ‘Vegas Patron’ contacted me and asked if I would be interested in doing another shoot. This time he knew what he wanted.  A specific look, background, and a toy of my choosing.

A Toy?

I got to basically pick out a new sex toy for me to use for the shoot.  REALLY?!

It was almost impossible to contain my inner 4-year-old who immediately started running through the websites of my favorite sex toys. Fighting the urge to say “I want an Eleven!” until I realized I probably couldn’t take one anyway due to the sheer size. Then I started thinking about look and what it could do for me.

I ended up choosing the G-Ki by Je Joue.  It has locking adjustable joints for three positions and can be angled up to 60 degrees, variable vibration is available in each end so you can experience simultaneous G-spot and clit. It’s engineered to be ergonomic and green, and if I wanted to I could even use this for other kinds of play……and it came in Rose (aka pink).


So I should be getting the toy any day now like some twisted b-day present.

Now I’m sure a few of you are thinking, “How can you do this? How can you take money for this kind of pictures?” It’s an understandable question and I will simply put it this way:

I actually enjoy doing it. There is something rather hot about having pictures taken knowing that they would be for a specific object at that would be to be getting someone off. With my boy taking the pictures I have no problem sexing it up in front of the camera.  It also gives me time to remember to love my body and not beat myself up over every little inch. Knowing that they are interested in how I look NOW and they don’t expect anything else makes it that much more enjoyable.

I have a feeling that this is a good working relationship that I can get used to.

In the next month the photos will be shot. I’m really looking forward to it.

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