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Time to stand on my own two feet…..let’s do this.

July 3, 2010

So this weekend we are celebrating Independence Day. A time where we as a country said enough is enough. I never thought it would have so much meaning to me as it does right now.

I have been busy working hard on building my own business. Virtual Assistant work and so far it has been going smoothly. I was hoping the unemployment checks were going to come in til at least end of August. That was the plan. That was the time frame I thought I had. I was wrong. I got the letter today basically saying “your funds are done. Congress has not voted to allow extensions. Have a nice day.” So here I am I have put out about 10-20 resumes a week for everything from Executive assistant work, to receptionist, to hostess and server at a restaurant and no one is hiring. So I am declaring my independence.

I am pushing the business forward. I have had a few clients state that they were interested in hiring me in the fall, but I am looking for clients now. Rates are reachable for artists, not for profit or small business owners, and alternative lifestyle workers.

BTN Consulting! (BTN + Beyond The Norm)

I offer the following:

Social Media Networking (Twitter, Facebook, FetLife, etc)
– Email coordination
– PR distribution
– Billing (QuickBooks)
– Ebay and PayPal management
– Maintaining Spreadsheets and databases
– Internet Research
– Organizing To-do lists
– Calendar Management
– Travel Arrangements and Itinerary Management
– Management of Contracts
– Creating promotional materials, including press release and blog posts
– Special Projects based on client needs.
– Audio and Video Editing
– Graphic Design and using stock photography.

Event Services

– Researching Event Locations
– Vendor Coordination
– Event Booth Sales

if you or anyone you know is interested in my services please contact me at as I am very much interested!

Have a Happy 4th everyone!

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