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April 7, 2010


Yes I’m a geek….. Sue me, but whenever I see the number 300 I think of the movie. This situation is no different.

I have $300.00 more to raise before IMsL. We’ve raised a good chunk so far and I am amazed and honored at who has come out of my collective past woodwork to help in the cause. People who have been “family” for almost a decade, people who I haven’t seen in years, people who I have been doing their boots since I started, people who have become my new crew, family and Tribe. I even had a girl come up to me at Winter Fire who said she had seen me on Twitter and wanted to help and handed me a donation. It’s been an amazing outpouring of support from across the country. I really am blessed.

The last two and a half months have been a blur of work.  A week from now I will be in San Fransisco getting ready for my first International Ms. Leather event and competing for International Ms. Bootblack. It almost feels unreal.  The final list of preparations has been made and most of it is packing and shipping thank goodness! The last-minute organizing is always the most frantic but as each item gets scratched off the list the less weight I feel on my chest. Sleep has been hell but not much I can do about that til everything is basically done.

I’m getting really excited about it all. The travel, the event, seeing everybody, and the contest all coming together, the long days of bootblacking and nights of parties I need to attend, the lack of sleep…..ahhh yes….weekend events.  Some people I haven’t seen in a long time are going to be there cheering me on and some who are simply Tribe and West Coast who support their own and my Sir will be with me every step of the weekend and knowing that makes me feel stronger and more confident. It makes all the difference in the world. The hardest part about this contest has been the fact that it is on the West Coast. Alot of my friends and crew is East Coast or Mid Atlantic.  I think that’s why the outreach of support I have received so far from people via emails, comments and donations have been so amazing to me. Thank you everyone. Even the smallest “good luck” has meant the world to me.

So now on the last leg of the prep I ask for that one final push.

$300.00 is all that is needed and I think it is obtainable. Help make it happen.

Make the Journey Possible!

Choose Your Amount

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