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I can almost count the days on my little hands!

April 2, 2010

We are down to the wire and all the amazing stuff is just piling up!

In just 12 days I am San Francisco bound and the closer it gets the more excited I get and the more my tummy does flip-flops!  Donations for the basket are coming in and this week has Maui Kink and Twisted Monk’s donations show up at my doorstep!

From Maui Kink: It’s black and purple (2 of my FAVORITE colors) and is also one of my favorite kind of toy! Handmade by their whipmaker Axel I have a mini Tomcat Whip! Thank you Maui Kink for having this especially made for me! It’s absolutely beautiful and I know there will be alot of ooohs and ahhhs when people see it!

From Twisted Monk: Monk sent me something I find pretty cool. 1st run pink rope from his own rope kit. Pink is no longer available peeps and this one is not even possible anymore. Also it has the history of what he has done with it and as we know with Monk it’s alot! Also and added bonus of a “Rope Slut” T-shirt for the basket as well. Monk you rock and thank you so much for adding something special to this collection.

I’ve been honored to be asked to help in an IMsL contestant’s basket donation and have been busy working on it and making it as perfect as possible.  I’m really excited about what she is doing with this and I think it will say alot about us not just as a leather community but as a women’s leather community.  I’m very proud to be taking part in it.

I’ve been working out like crazy the last couple of weeks and it is definitely paying off. Thursday was a 5 mile trail walk with some running thrown in for good measure. I’ve also been kicking in the Pilates. Having some of my outfits show off the belly really makes you want to work out. I’m a belly dancer though. I’m proud of my belly already. Now it just will look a little tighter…..hopefully. 😉

One of the cool exciting aspects of my trip to IMsL is that my Sir is coming with me! Thanks to him surprising me at my fundraiser in NYC with the news, his travel and weekend package is now booked! This is awesome news as I now will have someone keeping my head from spinning clean off over the weekend.  It’s also going to be really cool sharing this event with him. I’m very grateful that he is coming on the journey with me.

Also working on getting the last bit of Travel Fund raised. It’s a number that is more that reachable especially if you help.  Some of you have really gone the extra mile in this and some of you have donated only what you could and you all mean the world to me.  If you have been holding off til the end then hold off no more because the end is here and now. Donate now and make this trip that much more possible.

Choose Your Amount

On top of all of this I am making lists for packing, shipping, organizing, prepping for events for the spring into summer, working on my dance piece for after IMsL and basically trying to stay as sane as possible waiting for the day I leave. To those of you who have been at my side through all of this thank you so much. I really don’t know what I would do without you all.

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