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IMPACT Fundraiser a sucess!

March 16, 2010

Thursday night I was excited to finally attend an IMPACT party thrown by my favorite group NYC Fetish Tribe. These people always know how to throw a great party as Suspension and Vegas has proven to me. I was also blessed that they also had it double as a fundraiser for my Travel Fund to run for International Ms. Bootblack. The simple gesture of saying yes meant the world to me. This is not a leather organization, this is a group that throws parties, fetish parties at that. They believe in what I do and support their own and that as me so happy to be a part of them.

The R Bar where this party takes place is really a wonderful space.  Rich red colors decorate the space and gives it a real sultry look. I had a great set up which kept me in the front room and able to socialize with alot of people.  I had some amazing people sitting in my chair with their boots, leathers and latex. New faces, new experiences, some old friends and dear connections that make doing boots a real pleasure and joy. Had some amazing surprises as well went an old friend of mine came out to the party simply to see me and have me work on his boots again. Something we haven’t done in a couple of years.

When all was said and done we raised close to $300.00 at the party which is amazing. The love and support I received from so many people really did just blow me away. The hugs, the smiles, the thank yous and lit up eyes after my work was worth every moment. Thank you again to NYC Fetish Tribe. To Powder, MikeB, and KellyDane for giving me the support and believing in what I do.  I look forward to partying with you all again soon!

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