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Demo Bottom @ Winter Fire: Rough Rope

March 6, 2010

When I’m not slutting it up with boots I am a rope’s whore. I love it….always have so when I have the opportunity to do something fun and unique with it I’m game.

My schedule at Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire was very busy with bootblacking so attending classes was not something I could do easily. There were only two classes I was hoping to attend over week and they were both rope classes taught by Lqqkout.  Now for those of you who have been reading for some time might remember me writing about me doing a suspension scene with him over the summer which pretty much broke my fear of “flying”. So of course when I see him teaching rope classes I want to be there. Okay I’ll be honest I wanted to demo bottom.  It’s how I learn. Most classes at events are Top learning so the best way for a bottom like me to learn s to experience what is being taught.  Originally I was thinking of not even attending the Rough Rope class due to the time. Saturday: 9:30

Who does 9:30 on a Saturday at a kink event? I woke up at 7:45 and blurry eyed looked at the clock thinking I could go back to sleep but then I remembered a conversation I had the night before with a dear friend who told me I should go and go for what I wanted. I showered, stretched and ate and went to class. I was one of the first few people in class and wasn’t sure what was going to happen. Sure ‘Rough Rope’, but this was not just a toss and tumble kind of rope class. This was also the description of the rope; scratchy, uncomfortable and splinters.

Lqqkout’s partner didn’t want to demo bottom. Hoping that someone else would want to do the class as she didn’t like the rope.  I finally piped up, “I’ll do it.”  I was shown the rope and asked if I was sure and I smiled and said yes. I had no idea what would actually happen but, to be honest? I wasn’t worried. I needed the rope and Lqqkout’s energy is always a good thing.

So when he asked me up to start I was a little unsure how I would react. Rope always gets a strong reaction out of me. Lqqkout can pull something stronger out of me. I trust him more than any rope Top I know. So when he shows reactions to rope he is one of the few I will allow to put rope around my neck.  I lean into it enjoying the sensation. Until he pulls out the nasty rope.  The rope is not comfortable. It is scratchy, it does not allow you to sink into a comfortable zone.  It’s there and you never forget it. It’s constantly saying, “you’re in bondage. This is not a part of you. It is to hold you where I want.”  Having the rope slowly pulled from tight places was excruciating; burning and tearing all at once. It was all intensified when he started wrapping quickly. Pulling and pushing me in different directions. Burning and ripping against me as he worked my animal came out, snarling and fighting him as he’s fights me to keep control of me. Once the ties are done I’m thrown down onto the wrestling mat as a sort of exclamation point.  My breathing heavy and deep pulling on  my tight binds over my naked chest and the smile curls up and the silence of the room breaks with my laugh. The class laughs with me and claps, entertained by what they witnessed.  I lie there for awhile watching him work with the other demo peeps. Pulling and twisting on my binds to feel the scratching and the burning. I’m put into a predicament bondage with one of the other bondage models which was a pull and cause pain on the other person but you’ll hurt too. I had been in the chest harness for awhile so pain was expected so I had no problem with causing my friend pain. Especially considering the sweet the sounds that she makes. When I was done I showed off my marks to the class. Abrasion was intense on my arm and between my breasts and the rest was deep rope marks.  I was a giddy girl and had a wonderful time. So much so that I want to try a scene outside of the classroom with it.

As always an awesome time with Lqqkout. Thank you.

Check out his classes here.

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  1. exploreit permalink
    May 4, 2010 8:29 pm

    What a great memory to have. Thank you for sharing.
    I recently attended Beyond Leather, where I watched Lqqkout drag a lucky demo across a room using a single rope. The audience watched, transfixed, as he brought her closer to where he stood, taking her to her knees, making her crawl to him, by shortening the length with his boot. Wow, hawt…
    Again, thank you for sharing, and for reminding me about his class.
    Cheers to you both.

    • Miss Luna permalink*
      May 4, 2010 9:03 pm

      *gulp* Um….wow….did it get warm in here? Yeah he’s an amazing Rope Top. I always tell everyone if they get a chance to take a class with him DO IT.
      Thanks for sharing….you made my night.

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