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What gets this girl to Top

November 22, 2009

I normally don’t Top. It’s not my thing. Two things usually happen when the topic of me Topping comes up. They are either scared of me Topping because they have seen me bottom and assume I will dish out what I am willing to personally take or the people who usually ask me are men and frankly I get nothing from Topping men. There is something I find unsatisfying in doing it. I think it’s just that I enjoy the men in life to be strong and dominant and yet it is strength that appeals to me when I Top women. It takes a certain something to really get me into that head space.  Only a handful has gotten me there.  Usually it’s a princess type that lures me in. Someone who thinks I couldn’t POSSIBLY hit them let alone hurt them in any way. This only pushes me and urges me further.  I am only satisfied until I have them in tears. It reaches a sadistic part of me, which I still am not sure I am comfortable with. It Mirrors my own hunger and tastes when I bottom to people and sometimes seeing a clear picture like that is rather unnerving.  Then there are those females that just exude this energy that I want to taste. They push out something special and I want to take hold, mold, shape and bend it to my will. At Xcess I came across such a woman.

When I first saw her I didn’t think anything would happen. This was not something planned or negotiated. It just happened. It all just started with her first showing me what her new found play partner at the party could do to her. Her body arching and moving from his touches. She was holding on to me for balance.  Her energy pushing out and I couldn’t resist any more. I had to taste.  A gentle caress here, a soft whisper in the ear there.  Her lips too soft to not kiss. My hands pulling her hair as I licked at her neck. Her reactions to my touch simply urged me further. At one point I glance out from the bubble of energy being created by us to see her friend that she arrived with smile at what was happening. They came over to me and said, “take care of her.” I nodded in understanding and continued my work. My hands finding her sensitive places. Watching her eyes roll back in pleasure. She finally asked if she could trust me. This made me smile more than anything because asking for trust means they want to go further than the standard ideas of play. When she told me what she wanted I smiled wide as my hands encircled her throat. I started to squeeze off her air. My tongue licking at her lips.  She was so sweet as I teased the air in and out of her. Soon enough the boy she had played with became secondary. What mattered was my hands on her. Exploring her and feel her react under me.  When she tells me she’s never been with a woman before it only fuels me more. I have no intentions of breaking her, only making her feel intensely.  I want this to be something she remembers. Once our “scene” was over we were far from done. She became a constant companion for the rest of the evening.  The two of us simply feeding off of each other. Not getting enough of each other just exploring as much as possible.

We are already planning new adventures which makes me very happy. I haven’t had a girl as a play partner for a long time and I really am interested in keeping her around. I think this could be the beginning of something quite fun indeed.

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