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Holiday Ideas!

November 21, 2009

My Holiday lists always look unique and giggle worthy as they are a mixture of fetish and dance items. This year is no exception. Here are some of my top picks.

1. Delicious Boutique– Based in Philadelphia Delicious has some of the best artisan clothing out there from artists like SkinGraft, Delicious Corsets, and Fosterweld. The clothing is addictive and I have yet to know anyone who has shopped here and not become addicted. Perfect for the tribal bellydancer, steampunk or burner on you list.

2. For Your Nymphomation– I love these guys! And I love the whole concept of a nice sleek case to carry my toys in. Personally the Big Foot. Is on my list.









I don’t have a giant toybox but I like the idea of having something that keeps them all in one place and neat and clean.  Also for those that aren’t in need of a “sex toy” bag this makes a great travel case for shoes or make up or toiletries. Check out their other bags too!

3. NJoy– When it comes to sex toys NJoy does not mess around. Personally I like a toy with weight to it and this does not disappoint. The Pure Wand is at the top of my toy list. A solid piece that can hit just the right spots with ease and personally like the idea of vibrations through the metal.  Just holding something like this in my hands makes me giggle with evil delight.

4. Jacqueline Marie Couture: If you love latex and want something unique you have come to the right place.  Jacqueline is a self-made latex designer who started making clothing because she just wasn’t seeing anything that she wanted to wear herself. He ideas are unique and free-flowing and she is open to custom work to help make your ideas comes to life. She loves working with people of all sizes and I personally am working on an idea with her which has me super excited.


5.Kathleen Crowley Costume Couture: Dancer friends take note! I actually own a few pieces from Kathleen Crowley and it is absolute LOVE. Also if you are a 1920’s brothel look fan she can definitely make your day. Lace, layers, stripes. She does it and it’s solid work. Find her pieces to not only be good for dance but also for kink events when I am going for a softer look. She also does custom work if you are looking for a full look instead of just one piece.  It takes time but her quality is so worth it.

There are so many more things but this is my Top 5 for the holidays for me. Clothing and toys….I’m such a girl. 🙂


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  1. November 21, 2009 2:50 pm

    Aww Luna. You are totally the best. It is my pleasure to help you create whatever your rubber loving heart desires!

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