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My time with NYC Fetish Tribe

November 20, 2009

So after hearing so much from Skully about the quality of parties and scene  that NYC Fetish Tribe put together I decided that this past weekend would be a perfect chance to experience the ride.  Suspension has become one of the better kink/fetish parties in NYC since it’s creation about a year and a half  ago. There newest endeavor, ‘Xcess’ , a Saturday night party was set to be one hell of a get together and a one, two punch with Suspension on Thursday night and Xcess on Saturday, plus I had offered my services as a bootblack for the Saturday night event so it was already shaping up to be a hell of a weekend.

I got into NYC Thursday night and headed straight to the club. I was one of the first people there and needless to say I  was nervous, new environment and not really sure who was going to be there. Sir was an unknown factor as far as being my guide for the night due to his schedule but when I got there I was greeted warmly at the door. I wandered to the back room where event at 9:30pm there was some play going on around me. I was called over to one of the curtained cubbie areas where inside I was greeted by two of the parties organizers who were both excited to have me in for the weekend. We sat and talked shop; the scene in NYC, what was working, what was failing and why they do what they do. MikeB summed it up rather nicely, “Do you see them over there,” he says pointing to a lovely couple doing a spanking scene, ” that is why I do this. A young couple being hot and sexy and playing. Giving them the space to do so I love that.”

He introduced me to some more people who were also very open and welcoming. My brain was thrown by all of this. This is not what I was used to or expected with a “fetish” party.  I was used to the Femme Doms being stuck up and people being very guarded or followed by submissive men looking to massage my feet.  The closest I got to creepy was toward the end of the night when a very drunk  guy in a suit wanted to buy me shots. When I told him I didn’t drink you’d think I just told him I was a lesbian.   I wandered and watched people for a while and found a gaggle of peeps that I knew. We caught up and had a few laughs as the place started filling up more and more. By 11:00 the place was packed and Sir arrived which made the night that much more sociable. Introduced to a wide array of people and getting talked up about my bootblacking for the following night. What I couldn’t help but notice was how young the crowd was. A large number of these people were in the 18-35 age group which made me very happy to see.  This would be a theme that would continue.  The co-hosts kept checking in with me making sure I was doing well and having a good time.  What was interesting to me is that I was told that this was a quiet night. The place was packed but MikeB confirmed that this was about half of what it usually is.  That normally you can’t throw a flogger in the space. Personally I was glad for that. It made it more approachable for a first timer like myself.  It was an amazing night for me that ended at the god awful hour of 3:30 and at least 3 cherries of mine taken. A good night as far as I was concerned and one that had me excited for the main event of Xcess.

I had heard about Tribe Theater since they had their Halloween After  SMACK Party. Three floors, DJs on each floor, places to play, place to dance, places to curl up and make out or whatever,  and did I mention also the giant jacuzzi tub?  This space was going to be pretty awesome and it was. I arrived an hour early to get ready and set up.  Again warmly welcomed and checked in with which for someone who still saw herself as very much the outsider really needed.  They had me set up on the second floor. The main play space with a throne for my chair and pads for my floor space which rocked.  What was amazing for me was that once I started at 10pm I didn’t stop til about 3 hours later and I have no idea where that time went. The space was crowded but to be honest I was so into my work I had no notice of time or space outside of my own bubble.   I finally took a break and wandered. The place was packed and was packed all night.  I did another hour of boots and called it a night. Found a pretty girl to torture, and had some great connect time with the Montreal crew and more of the Tribe crew. Usually around 3AM parties tend to thin out but not this party. They had to work hard to kick people out at 4.

After party was off the hook and at 11:30 I needed food and catch a bus home. Up for 33 hours but damn it was worth every second.  Sir always said that I would be grateful for the experience and I was.  I totally get the experience and what Tribe does. It brings together good people and I am proud to call myself a friend of Tribe.  I look forward to the next party I can get to as so many have made such a huge impression on me.

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  1. MrVibe permalink
    November 21, 2009 10:31 am

    It was a pleasure meeting you and thanks for the gr8 shine, I’m glad I got you early

  2. Darkteddybear permalink
    November 24, 2009 1:10 pm

    You captured just what it is I love about the Suspension parties, and why I always recommend them to others. The energy there is precious, and not something found many other places.

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