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2010 schedule starting to take shape!

October 17, 2009

So the first of the 2010 events for me are lining up which is really exciting on all fronts!

First on the teaching side of things I have Madtown Kink Festival in Madison, WI in Feb and Shibaricon in May! I am so excited about both of these events! I will be teaching a brand new rope bottoms class called The Inner Journey of Rope which I am very proud of and I will be also teaching my Femme Style of Bootblacking at Madtown.  So those of you who were at SPANK and missed the class can catch it at Madtown!

On the crazy side of things I might be going to Vegas in Jan. I want to keep it at that for now until things get more solidified but I must say the prospect has me excited, nervous, terrified and giddy all at once. I’ve never been to Vegas and granted I would be so busy with stuff to really say I experienced the “Vegas Experience” I will walk away from the whole thing feeling more like, “Holy Shit! I had an amazing time!” I’m already planning custom outfits for it. LOL

On the dance side of things I am VERY excited to be doing a 3 day intensive with my dance mentor Asharah in DC in February. This girl is an amazing dancer and her artistic ethics and technique leave me pulling a Wayne’s World, “We’re Not Worthy! We’re Not Worthy!” # days with her will leave me feeling like I am slug with no bones but it will be so good for me to do some total immersion.

Of course the concern is all the travel. Let’s face it air travel is not cheap and I really should start looking into signing up for more frequent flyer mile cards. Should do some research about flyer miles and seeing if it’s possible to gift miles. I mean hey! If you really want to see me maybe you can pitch in to a travel fund? Might be something to look into.

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