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Scene Report: Boot Cherries

September 22, 2009
Getting into my work

Getting into my work

As a bootblack I love sharing the experience of a bootblacking to others. What gives me much joy is giving someone their first boot scene. There is a difference you might ask? Oh yes. Very much so. For me a bootblacking is more about getting the job done where a boot scene is about the connection forged between the person who’s doing the boots and the person in the boots.  It’s more sexually charged and frankly more about what I enjoy giving when it comes to the people I enjoy playing with or who I am close to or friends with.

Prepping for an event I humbly ask Graydancer if he would be interested in playing. His response was that he didn’t know if he would have time but that he had never had his boots done before by a bootblack and would like the experience and if I would be interested. I giggled to myself and said yes. When I expressed to a friend of mine about what I was going to be doing he laughed and said, “Luna, I’ve seen you do boots…..THAT’s a scene.”  I shrugged and thought I could play it down if I had to. Problem was did I really want to.

The closer the event got the more uncertain we were that this was going to be just a bootblacking or scene because here was the real twist. Graydancer and I had never physically met. Sure I knew who he was, I’d read his books, listened to his Podcast but I had yet to actually end up at the same event as him. So alot of it was going to be based on if we actually could stand to be in the same space.  Well long story short we were just fine. A hug and some chit chat while we were all setting up camp we realized that we would be more than fine. To up the ante of the experience he asked if it would be okay if his girl for the weekend Naiia could become a part of it. I realized how hot it would be to have a human boot stand and agreed immediately and we slated everything for that night. Now I have never done a boot scene quite like this and I figure I will more than likely not do one like this again. Nerves were abound because I wanted this to be a good experience for both of them.

Instead of the usual box I was using for the boot rest Naiia’s back was used. The black boot was a stark opposite to how pale Naiia’s skin was. I mean this is as redhead with pale skin as you could get. Not only did I have boots presented to me but this pale canvas.  Then my mind went crazy with the possibilities and the realization that everything I would be doing would affect her as well. I felt like I was bottoming while doing Gray’s boots and Topping Naiia who was under it all.

Now something I want to express about a good boot scene. It’s all about energy. It transfers from one to the other and cycles forming a great connection. Having all three of us involved made the experience that more intense. Her body goosebumping to the temperature changes, boot polish getting on her back,  My head on Graydancer’s knee as I massaged his foot and leg through the boot, his hands in my hair stroking my cheek. I was practically dizzy after just the first boot. We rolled Naiia over for the second boot giving us her stomach to rest the boot. Her eyes glazed over from sensation. The energy kept swirling. My brushes were not just polishing his boots but finding her body.  Once the boots were done.  My hands focused on Naiia’s body. It was as if we just kept pushing the energy from one person to the next. Naiia’s eyes filled with tears from the release that finally happened. When done we sat her up as she cried into Gray. My hands on her back pushing more positive energy into her. Graydancer and I looked at each other for what felt like the first time during the whole thing and he just mouthed the words, “Wow…..thank you.” I smiled and floated in the bliss of it all and then realized I still had hers to do. How the hell do we top that?

I had been eyeing Naiia’s boots since I saw her at camp. A ribbon crisscross in the back of the boot over the leather. I wanted the challenge and still was trying to figure out how to do it.  With her sitting in Graydancer’s lap she was still very floaty and I did not want to interfere with that feeling so the goal became doing the job and let the energy continue for her. When it got to doing the backs of her boots it hit me.  See this is why I like working while sitting on the floor.  I laid down on my back and slid under her like working on a car. I set her boots on my thighs and worked on the leather between the ribbon lacing.  Graydancer was keep her occupied while I worked. His boots holding my head in place. All three of us still connected.  When the work was done I simply sat at their feet admiring the work and enjoying the glow.

This was the first scene of the weekend for me and it set an amazing tone for me.  In the connection I made two new amazing friends.  I have no intention of trying to recreate it. I’m very happy to simply have it be theirs only as it was their first time as well.

Thank you so much to you both for the amazing experience and for letting me in for a brief moment.

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  1. Feral permalink
    September 23, 2009 12:23 pm

    Wow, that sounds so intense! Now I wish I’d been able to watch the whole scene… ^_^

  2. thepinkpoppet permalink
    September 24, 2009 10:48 pm

    I have never witnessed this before in real life and find it all very interesting. Would love to watch you work your ‘magic’ one day. Thanks for sharing.

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