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Floating World- Instructing and Demo Bottoming

August 26, 2009
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This was my first Floating World and I’ll be honest; I was nervous about teaching. My first large event in a couple of years, it was sold out with 1200 attendees and I wasn’t sure how it was going to pan out with my times. I never taught in the evening before and Sunday classes are always hit or miss.

Saturday was my Age Play class and the energy was hard to find at first. the  memorial left me feeling very empty and angry and to have to flip and be a ‘kid’ and teach what can be an emotional class for people was hard. I fought it for a couple of hours. Luckily a dear friend and fellow ‘kid’ helped me and my mind set and I was able to go and teach. I had a full room which is amazing in my eyes as far as a Saturday class at 9PM.   It was good to see some familiar faces but it was also great to see some excited new faces as well. That energy kept me going through it all.

It was a roller coaster of a class. I had one girl crying by mid class but I had to keep going. By the end of class I had 4-5 ‘kids’ in tears, 1 Daddy, and even myself when I reached the topic of loss and abandonment started to cry as not only have I lost “Daddy” but m Leather Pappa, and my Father Figure in the scene. It was all too much. At the end when I asked if anyone had any questions one girl raised her had and asked “Can I give you a hug?” That practically made the rest of the room cry.

Time and time again I think about dropping this class from my roster.  It’s still a raw nerve. Like tearing open a wound over and over again and pouring salt in, but then I see what this class does for people. Helping them break through walls, realize they are not alone and that there is camaraderie with those that realize this is who they are.  How could I stop teaching this class when that is the case?  I had alot of one on one conversations afterward. I handed out alot of business cards and alot of hugs at the end of that class. I really felt like I made a huge difference. I gave so much of myself and I felt it. Drained and empty I went looking for energy in the dungeon. Even though it was full there was nothing to hold on to. I found Mollena who in just a few face to face encounters I feel a deep kinship to. Just a hug and an affirmation of what I did in that class made me feel better.

My Service and Sex of Bootblacking class was smaller but what was nice was seeing a few lightbulbs go on with some. This has always been a class based solely on my demo peeps and I was truly blessed with some amazing people. Jim, my boot “grand daddy”  was my service demo and quite frankly I need to make one of two decisions when I have such a hot man in my chair; either A> forgo the ‘service’ or B> Drop ‘service’ altogether and start teaching it as the “sex of bootblacking” like I do for when I teach at camp. We had a very difficult time focusing on the stricter side of things. What can I say the man is hot and so are the boots!. After working with I had Evil A in my chair which is always a pleasure. We had been doing this for as long as I have been bootblacking and the scenes are always fun.  The real treat was having Mollena as my third and final demo. Her long black leather skirt was what I got to work with and the scene included spanking, punching, biting and a raspberry on her belly. I earned a coveted Mollena “Top Aftercare truffle” which made us giggle and pout because the “no cellphone use” meant we couldn’t document the occasion. So sad!

Back to back demo bottoming. What was I thinking? I was thinking it would be fun and I was right! First I took part in Dov’s Hogtie class. This was wonderful for me because it had been awhile since I demo bottomed for a rope class and this really put me through my paces as the first hogtie (a la Bettie Page style) was very grueling on the arms and my hands were really losing sensation fast. The second style, which was more of a chest harness to ankles was so comfortable that the only thing that really made me take it off was that I had to get to a second class to demo in.  The class as a whole was alot of fun for me and I think the people taking part in it enjoyed it as well.

The second class was PyroSadist’s Fireplay class. Now if you have never been to one of his fire classes and are interested in fireplay GO! Seriously this man really knows his stuff. I had the pleasure of demoing for hi fire cupping class a year ago so when this opportunity came up I couldn’t say no. I must say it was alot more intense than I was expecting.  Fire on my back is never an issue but my front had me rather sensitive especially since he was taking advantage of all the sensitive area. The funny moment was when he asked if anyone wanted to set me on fire and touch my naked body. The line formed….of about 20 people! EEK! It was a great time and as always PyroSadist was hilarious to work with.

All in all my experience as a presenter there was a great one. I had some amazing connections with people and networking was wonderful. Who knows maybe they will ask me back for next year!

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  1. JerseyJenny permalink
    August 26, 2009 10:00 pm

    As a complete and utter neophyte to bootblacking, I walked away from that class wanting to know more. Isn’t that the sign of a good class and a good teacher? I sure hope they have you back!

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