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August 7, 2009

It’s that harsh realization that all of a sudden you have 2 events back to back on the horizon and you need to start hunkering down.  It’s a couple of big weekends and I am already trimming down some ideas of grandeur to save me some less panic time.

Between now and 2 weeks from now I have to:

  • Do photo shoot for new business cards
  • Restructure one class
  • Build a whole new class concept
  • Figure out what still fits and what doesn’t so there is no surprises at the event.
  • Restock bootblacking kit
  • Continue work on choreography for dance number.
  • Piece together a costume that won’t go up in smoke if it’s hit with fire.
  • Work on a new dance bra
  • Continue with my 8 hour a day job plus my own business
  • Burn CD’s for performance
  • Make copies of my class outlines
  • Build packing schedules for both events to see if I can maybe set up two suitcases for the packing.
  • Finalize my travel from VA to WI.
  • Maintain workout schedule
  • Not yell at my boyfriend due to my stress levels.

Yeah…um…it might not seem like alot to you but these events have me nervous on two levels.

1. Floating World is expecting an attendence amount of 1200 people. I might have my largest classes ever and that has me a little nervous. Also this is an amazing time to network and get back into the swing of things.

2. SPANK Festival is a camping event. Which means the weather can do…well…anything. And it is hard to plan for something like that.  I hope the weather stays nice all weekend and that I don’t have to deal with mud. because wet means: Fire= not so much

People wanting their boots shined= No because they will just get dirty again.

So I am hoping that things will feel smoother after this weekend. My Saturday is completely planned out with Gym to destress and 8 hours of work at my haven the Tea House to get some of this list under control.  Sunday is my photo shoot.

I never went through this much stuff packing and prepping for a dance event but I have never had to teach and perform at a huge dance event before.  Dance events are easy. 5 pairs of Melodia pants and tanks tops, a couple of sashes and belts and done. Maybe I should consider that for Floating World. …with a corset or two. *giggle*

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