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The creative process…..morphing?

July 25, 2009

I’ve been sitting in my haven the Twisted Tea Bazaar going over music  for the SPANK Festival in WI I’m performing in. Creating this piece has been interesting. I feel more freer with it than I have with anything else I have created dance wise which is kind of an interesting feeling. I can’t tell if it is the piece that is causing it or because of what I am creating it for.

This is my first real choreographed fire dance which is very exciting for me. I find it humorous that the only space I have had for fire dancing has been at camping leather events. Was hard to find places to burn in NYC and have only burned in VA  once since I have been here. So this piece is rather exciting because I get to play with something that I have always had a fascination with.

What’s even been really exciting for me is that the piece has an actual story. I also have been finding the movements alot easier. A piece which has no fear for me because for the first time it’s for an environment that I always have had no fear in.  So it flows more from my heart and my brain.  It’s a rather exciting process right now.  The idea of not being afraid to really enjoy myself performing is all rather new.

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