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Where to begin????

July 22, 2009

It’s funny, all the networking sites I belong to and I still felt the need for a separate blog. The huge question of course is why? Well that is a great question. The answer is kind of complicated. You see my worlds are colliding. Not only am I a dancer I am also kinky. I have been in the BDSM community for 16 years and have been teaching off and on now for about 8 years. About half of my friends are kinky but the other half are dancers. Some are Goth, some are open but others are not. Some would frown on such things as far as attempting to do what I am doing and you know that’s okay. They are entitled to their opinion as long as they don’t try to force it down my throat sideways. See I’m not a burlesque dancer or a pole dancer or anything like that. I’m a bellydancer. I know some of you have visions of harem girls and Bettie Page doing her dance of the nine veils and I don’t blame you. I do too, but the actual history like all things are different than the fantasy and it is what gets most Traditional bellydancers bristles all raised and angry when I say, “I want to find a way to combine my kink and my dance together.”

It all started when while writing in my paper journal (yes I still keep one as well as an LJ and a FB Blog) that I was feeling torn. I want to spend time in my dance environment but I also still enjoy playing and teaching at kink events. I thought, “wish I could combine the two somehow.”
Then my journal responded, “why the hell not?”
Yeah! why the hell not!
So it’s starting to grow and morph in my brain. I’m already building a fire dance for one event in Aug that is taking place in WI. I am building in my mind a very basic bellydance movement class idea for Kink events, trying to come up with ideas of performing at event similar to how my bondage riggers perform at events. It’s been a whirlwind of ideas, colors, cogs, and burst of creativity that I can barely keep up. It’s also causing a spark deep inside me and a gleam in my eye that has been missing for awhile now.

What this also means is I have to push my training to the metal. So that means that not only do my dance readers get to read about my kink adventures my kink readers get to read about my dance escapades. Call it “cross training”.

This is just the start of this journey. The design and concept will grow with it. This is simply the planted seed. Welcome aboard. Hope you stay for awhile.

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